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The Text style of Steel Position Number Flag should be totally same as MicroStation Text Style

In ProSteel, User can define a Position flag style for Position Number Annotation in Drawing. In Position flag style, A MicroStation text style can be selected for Position Number Display. But text height can only be inherited and text width is ig...
9 months ago in Drawing Production 1 Needs review

Navisworks Export

NWExport is currently only available for Microstation. This is an Autodesk utility. Can Bentley add its own export application for Navisworks
14 days ago in Import/Export 1 Needs review

Batch Export IFC Files

IFC files are often exported to shop detailers. This export cannot be batch processed due to one Prosteel dialog box requiring user input, therefore every model has to be exported individually.
14 days ago in Import/Export 0 Needs review

Plate Miter Cuts - Add Square Plate Edge Option

When Plate Shapes (eg Chute/Hopper Platework) are welded together, the cut plates do not have chamfered edges. When using the miter plate tool edges are chamfered. Suggest adding a square edge option which is how this platework should be modelled....
14 days ago in Modeling 0 Needs review

In this moment, the marks (presets) are not in order. Pro concrete must give the marks in order

In this moment, the marks (presets) are not in order. When put variable marks, in a round foundation, Pro concrete give me variable marks but not in order.
28 days ago in Drawing Production 0 Needs review

ProStructures should support the batch placement of concrete columns in the columns grids

in the columns grids, I can't lay out concrete columns in bulk
16 days ago in Modeling 0 Needs review

Tool for creating Bending Details directly on the Drawing Model canvas

It is a key feature for countrys codes that requires bending details for every specific bar on the project. Theres no standard shapes in Brazilian Concrete Code for example. It will be usefull too, if this bending details be available for insert o...
10 months ago in Drawing Production 3 Needs review

Prosteel export connections to IDEA statica

Please consider making an option to export created connections to IDEA statica program. Many other programs have this option, including Revit, Advance steel, Tekla
3 months ago in General 0 Needs review

Support (Welded) rebar mesh

As requested earlier, using standard mesh is quite popular both in walls and slabs. Would be great to have the ability in ProConcrete to work with meshes! Preferably also incorporate different mesh dimensions also "flying end mesh" so that we can ...
3 months ago in Modeling 0 Needs review

Modeling Prestressing tendons in ProConcrete

Add a feature to include prestressing tendons in prestressed girders/beams. Also, some girders have a few tendons depressed/harped/draped. Being able to model them with ease in ProConcrete would be very beneficial. In addition, the dialog box for ...
9 months ago in Modeling 0 Needs review